Email Sequences

Promotional as well as content based email sequences created for numerous clients. 

Email sequences help you deliver ongoing/automated with current customers and leads. You can schedule them to post automatically so that they are sent out exactly when you need them. 

You can promote an upcoming sale, your current highlighted product/service, or just casually interact with your clients. 

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Social Media Posts

Social media posts and promotional flyers created for multiple clients.

Being consistent on your social media is important because it shows your clients and potential leads that you are active and engage constantly. 

This positively reflects your business as well as who you are as a person.

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Social Media Content Strategies

Sometimes it's hard for people to come up with social media content strategies, or they simply don't have the time to think about it.

This is where I come in. I outline strategies for you to implement on your social media at any time you choose.

I can create content strategies for Instagram posts, instagram REELS, as well as Tik Tok's and more. 

I make sure to use what's trending at the time you request the service to better your reach and engagement. 

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Websites & Landing Pages

I've created a plethora of websites and landing pages for clients. 

Websites are important to have because they showcase your business as well as who you are. 

Landing pages are great for generating leads and letting clients know that something big is coming soon, or selling tickets/seats for what you're offering. 

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I've created numerous invitations, flyers, and advertisements! 

Take a look!

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Logos help people to recognize and identify your company/brand whenever they're seen.

They can also be used to communicate a brands message and values.

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Book Covers

People always say don't judge a book by it's cover, but we've all done it, we're all guilty. 

Also, book covers can tell you a lot about a book. For example, the amount of detail, time, work, and thought that was put into a book can be hinted by how its cover looks. 

Take a look at a small sample of the ones i've worked on over the years. 

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hellogoodnight Cover.jpg

Book Trailers

Book trailers help build anticipation and bring book somewhat to life! 

Just like movie trailers give you a sneak peek of what's to come, so do book trailers!

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Album/Song Covers

The design of your album cover is important because it gives potential listeners a first impression of your work.

They can also hint at the vibe/feel they'll get from listening to the music.

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